Jumat, 01 Januari 2016

2016 - beginning



nooooo, ga ada those new year new me thing. I'm not that kind of person lol

well, but I have a resolution for this year. drum roll please *duduudududududum* bawain prosperity nya mekdi pas pulang ke rumah buat adek adek sama orang rumah semua. yap. just it. bayangin aja dari jaman baheula pengen bawain tapi gagal mulu karena flight BDO - PKU cuma ada yg pagi buta. sekarang flight nya siangan. stengah 12. bisa kali ah beli dulu mueheheheh. mana adanya cuma pas awal tahun. kan bete ya. tapi gapapa lah. worth to wait. enak soalnya xP

well, actually I don't know what to write. what to post. what to tell. but, my cute-but-annoying-but-I-love-boyfriend ask me to update my blog. well, dust everywhere. I knew it. sorry blog. I love you.

8.08pm - he just said "let's get married" lol

okay sooooooo I guess I will tell you about my relationship? okay

I've been on and off and on with him. you know which one lol. we're off when I went home last Ramadhan. it's me. yap. he's annoying. I already told you that. so, I couldn't think and yeah, we're off. but then we uhm had a job at the same event, the same section, being an LO-liaison officer. we wen't to the event together, got bullied by the other members, and yeah, here we areeeee on again lol

but honestly, I never stopped loving him. I know it sounds cheesy but that's the truth. I did block him. not letting him reach me. but at the end, I ended up unblocking him again and again.

8.17pm - "you should post a very longggggggggggggggggggg post" told ya, he's annoying

not because someone told me so. pure, it's just me who still want to talk to him. I just can't not talk to him. I did say bad words about him to my friends and my family. I am really sorry about that. I know it's like I'm licking my own mouth lol
he said that he's asking for a help from my close friend which is also his close friend. but he told me nothing but to stay away from my boyfriend. weird huh.

so yeah, it's been a half year since our first date. it was May 26th, but I prefer we started dating since 29th. I don't know why I just wanted it to be 29 lol

we've been through many things. bad, good, sad, happy, angry, all of them. but still, here we areeeeee. I've met his family. he's met my, nope, just had a video call with my mom lol. hopefully, we'll be staying together until the dark side come to pick us (lol what? star wars effect)

8.26pm - "what do you write?" "you'll know it. just go to my blog" "honestly I forgot your blog" annoying asdlsfglfkjhghklk

another story, I've been thinking that I don't have a real friends. I don't know why, but, I think that I just have my boyfriend with me. well, I still have my friends from my hometown but yeah no friends from uni. it sucks. you don't have any motivation to go to uni. usually, you'll be more exciting to go to uni because you will see your friends. but for me, nah. I know I have a boyfriend whom studies at the same uni as me. but, we're not in the same schedule. if he's going to class, me no class. he's off, me have a class. also, he will go to my place like everyday. so, I did nothing to meet him. just wait and he'll come
maybe I'm just being a little bit introvert. closing any doors for everyone to get closer to me. well, I'll try to open the doors. next semester. because............

so, I can go back home and meet my family and EAT MY MOM'S MEALS YAYYYYYY

okay, I'm done. I don't know what to write more *cry in the middle of rain, it's raining now here*

see you! xoxo

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