Kamis, 07 Januari 2016


10.18am - I'm crying like a baby

so yesterday was the day when I found out something. yes, that made me cry. well, I'm still crying now
it was uhm ABS's thing. we have to do an art show to finish ABS class. oh ABS stands for Apresiasi Bahasa dan Seni. eventho I didn't take the class, but I have to help my friends. so, I became the one who taking pictures and videos.
I know that my boyfriend's class will come up with dance-y thing. their project's name is Unity in Dance? or Dancevesity? I don't know lol. let him correct me later.
so, I believe you already know what will happen right? yeah, they're dancing. I know my boyfriend does some moves sometimes when he's crazy and he always does. one day, he just stand in the middle of my room and dance the silento thing, the "Watch Me (Nae Nae)" thing and I just like "dude, what is wrong with you lol" but I think he did that just to cheer me up or something like that.

but yesterday, he was dancing like a pro and it made me cry. I didn't expect him to dance like that. he did the robotic thing. yes, also the nae nae thing and the hit the quan thing. but, he did it wonderfully. I'm speechless. people kept telling me that he's a great dancer. he should join the club or something.


I'm having a hard time. it's really hard to have some times with my boyfriend. he was busy preparing for an art show and he has to practice like EVERYDAY SINCE THE SUN RISE AND TILL THE SUN SET. he came home and he's tired. so, I really really can't see him or even talk to him for like almost a week. and it kills me slowly. I don't wanna eat but I keep telling him that I already ate. I know I shouldn't fell like that. it's important for him. but still, that feeling is killing me slowly. the sht-you-stole-my-boyfriend-from-me feel. I know it sounds weird and selfish and overprotective or whatever you called it, but I do feel that. but yeah I still trying to keep positive and just wish him the best


yeah so, I recorded how he moves, walks and everything. the one that I hate the most was his expression. he's showing us his yo-I-can-dance-and-you're-not face. it made me wanna kill him lol.

then, after his class finished their performance, his classmate came to us

S: nishaaaa
N: hah?
S: hi, nisha ya? pacarnya sulthan kan? kenalin, sam. (she's a girl btw)
N: oh iya hai, nisha.
S: kalian udh pacaran berapa lama?
N: uhmmm brp sik?
Bf: udh lama lah
S: setahun?
Bf: belommm
S: sing langgeng ya. kamu gapapa kan liat dia kaya tadi? hahaha
Bf: dia mah udah biasa liat kaya gitu
and all I could do just laugh lol

the reason why she asked that question was because he was dancing with his friend, Isan and they acted like a couple. also my boyfriend really really did move like crazy. those moves tho lol

but, the important thing is..........I'm so proud of him. I know he's a shy person?????? I don't know but sometimes I saw it. but, yesterday all I see was a different person. really, I don't even believe my eyes when I saw him moving like that. yeah, I already said it like a thousand times but for real..........
I woke up this morning and I remembered what happened and then I cried. I watched the video and then I cried. but, they're a happy cry. you know, when you're so happy and you're starting to cry. I've been cried like this before when I saw my brother dancing on his kindergarten event. it was a long time ago. then when my sister got married. it was 2013. and yesterday, when I saw the man that I think I know well moves like a pro-dancer. well, I really do hope that he's great at slow dancing too :p

for you, yes, you, my man, I'm proud of you and I really do love you no matter what hairstyle do you want (lol), no matter clothes you wear, no matter how crazy you can be, I just love you just the way you are (I KNOW IT SOUNDS CHEESY SO SHUT UP)

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