Minggu, 23 September 2018


hello, hi, aloha

my name is nisha, now i'm 20ish years old. 

and i decided to revert all my blogpost to draft

i mean, it's embarassing. i used to think that no one would come to my blog or whatever. i used to think that blog = diary. so, basically i posted everything lol

to whoever that have been read my post(s), hello again.

  • yes, i'm still at uni. struggling for my last year (hope so). it's been 4 years! i have to get out from this uni.
  • yes, i'm still me. the same girl. the girl who likes to talk about everything. the girl who likes makeup. btw, i started writing stuffs about makeup. you can visit my beauty blog here 🖤
  • yes, i'm still struggling with my English. but hopefully i'm better now since i've spent my last 4 years studying about English and friends.
  • yes, i'm not married yet eventho i've been with the same man for 3++ years. i mean, it doesn't matter right? you can be with someone as long as you want before you two get married.

what else? i don't really know what to post. i just............cringed while reading old posts lol

see you!

don't forget to visit my other account:

much love,

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